Aerospace & Defense Case Studies

See how Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) products have played a key role in the success of aircraft manufacturers and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities, as well as military and defense organizations, and learn how we can benefit your business.

Aircraft Spray Booth

Aircraft Paint Booth Propelling North Carolina MRO to New Heights

Jetstream Aviation’s paint shop in Kinston, North Carolina, became operational in 2021, with a GFS Aircraft Paint Booth that measures 95 feet wide, 30 feet high and 104 feet deep. An airflow rate of 210,000 CFM, coupled with an air-cooled chiller and heated Air Make-Up Units (AMUs), give Jetstream the ability to complete basic repairs to the most complex ones, in the least amount of time possible.

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6 Cost Considerations for Aircraft Paint Booths

Aircraft paint booths are usually more expensive up front than paint hangars. However, the long-term benefits of aircraft paint booths far outweigh those of paint hangars, with lower operational costs and the foundation for higher-quality paint jobs. Discover six cost considerations to evaluate when investing in an aircraft paint booth.

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Corrosion-Controlled Paint Booths for C-17 & C-130 Aircraft

When considering a new corrosion control facility for C-17 and C-130 aircraft, it is helpful to understand new technologies available for paint booths that comply with the latest federal and local codes. Some of these technology and code advancements can provide operational cost savings throughout the life of the facility.

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7 Considerations for Selecting an Aircraft Paint Booth

Aircraft paint booths must be designed to accommodate the unique shape and sheer size of aircraft in order to reduce the painter’s exposure to the hazards of the process, lower energy costs, improve paint finish quality and increase production. The single biggest factor in accomplishing this is providing airflow where it is needed most — at the surface of the aircraft.

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Aerospace & Defense

Problem Solved — GFS Creates an End-to-End Solution for Airborne Weaponry OEM

During the summer of 2017, GFS designed and installed finishing equipment for Marvin Engineering’s Southern California facility. Marvin came to GFS to replace their outdated equipment. With the success of their business and increased production, Marvin recognized that they needed to increase their throughput, eliminate rework, add automation and improve the overall quality of their performance coatings.

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