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GFS Ultra XD CTOF - feature

Automotive Prep Booth

Accomplish Multiple Tasks in One Location with Automotive Prep Booths When keeping your paint booth reserved for longer, more complicated paint jobs, small repairs can

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Prep Products from Global Finishing Solutions


Prep Products for Automotive Refinish, Industrial & Aerospace Applications Gone are the days when the prep area was just another stop in the repair or

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GFS CTOF - dual bay Prep Booth, prepping a car and truck

Ultra® CTOF Booths

Fill, Prime, Seal, Paint and Cure in One Location Versatile, end-to-end finishing environments, Ultra Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) allow for

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GFS Ultra XS CTOF - prep booth feature

Ultra® XS Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF)

Deluxe, Single-Skin Automotive Paint Prep Station Description The Ultra® XS Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booth from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) is an affordable, all-in-one area for prepping

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Ultra® XD Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Automotive Paint Booth by GFS

Ultra® XD Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF)

Deluxe, Dual-Skin Automotive Paint Prep Station Description A versatile, end-to-end finishing environment, the Ultra® XD Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booth from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) allows for

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pushing car into GFS Paint Booth with Side-Load system

Side-Load Finishing Systems

Move Vehicles Quickly & Easily Between Work Bays Description Designed for high-volume body shops and collision repair centers, Side-Load Finishing Systems from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS)

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