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Dry Filter Bench Booth construction

Bench Booth

Safe, Code-Compliant Paint Booths for Painting Small Parts & Products Description Our smallest paint booths, Bench Booths allow businesses and hobbyists to paint small products

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How to Properly Enclose an Open Face Paint Booth

While curtains are more affordable than doors and may offer more flexibility for product entry, they do not provide the level of protection from contaminants that is needed for the best possible finish. In this post, we will examine the differences between curtains and filtered doors on an open front paint booth.

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GFS Releases Dry Filter Paint Booth Line

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) is excited to announce the release of the Dry Filter Paint Booth line — which includes Bench, Open Face and Enclosed Finishing Paint Booths. GFS’ most affordable and versatile industrial paint booth line, Dry Filter Paint Booths provide safe, affordable solutions for a wide variety of finishing applications.

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