Tag: Surface Preparation

GFS Industrial Pretreatment Washer

Industrial Pretreatment Washer

For Cleaning & Prepping Prior to Liquid or Powder Coating Description Industrial Pretreatment Washers from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) are used for cleaning metal and

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GFS Batch Powder Coating System - Prep, Apply, Cure

Batch Powder Coating Systems

Batch Powder Coating Systems High-Quality Equipment for Surface Preparation, Powder Application & Powder Curing Description With a complete line of finishing equipment for batch powder

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GFS Burn-Off washer

Batch Burn-Off Washer

Batch Burn-Off Washer For Cleanup of Burned-Off Racks, Hooks, Fixtures & Parts Description An excellent companion to Batch Burn-Off Ovens, Batch Burn-Off Washers from Global

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GFS Blast Booth feature image

Blast Booths

Safe, Clean Environments for Abrasive Blasting Description Blast Booths from GFS provide a secure and efficient environment for abrasive blasting processes essential for superior surface

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