Problem Solved — New Industrial Paint Facility for Turner Coatings

Rail Industry spray booth

Turner Coating’s brand new industrial finishing facility was a big investment, and choosing the right equipment to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency was a big decision.

They knew that by making such a large investment in a technically complex facility it was crucial to ensure that they looked closely at every detail, no matter how small, when it came to purchasing each piece of finishing equipment that would go in to this shop.

Naturally, they were looking for equipment that was easy to operate, long lasting and environmentally friendly. But there is always more than one set of factors that comes in to play when developing a modern paint facility.

Turner Coatings Blast Booth

Turner Coatings Blast Booth by GFS

When purchasing any kind of paint finishing equipment, the tech spec of the equipment itself isn’t the only factor the customer has to consider. It is also essential to make sure that the product they purchase meets federal, state and local codes, and that all appropriate permits are acquired prior to installing the equipment. This is where superior engineering and knowledgeable local support makes all the difference.

In working with Buddy Slover of SOT Abrasives, Turner Coatings made the decision to purchase all of their paint finishing equipment from Global Finishing Solutions. Their purchase included:

Turner Coatings Powder Curing Oven

Turner Coatings powder curing oven by GFS

Turner Coatings Powder Booth

Turner Coatings powder coating booth by GFS

The GFS and SOT Abrasives staff continuously communicated with Turner Coatings and the install team from Beacon Equipment throughout the process to make sure the project was running smoothly, and that all necessary paperwork and permits were acquired in order to get the equipment up and running. As of May 2012, the new equipment is fully functionally and operating in the new Turner Coatings facility in Spring, Texas.

GFS is proud to have assisted SOT, Beacon Equipment, and Turner Coatings with this great project!

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