Problem Solved — Huge Paint Booth for Diversified Yacht

Marine Spray booth

Creating a gigantic paint booth designed to produce showroom quality finishes on massive yachts is a challenge that GFS happily accepted.

In December 2010, construction began on a 14-month project to build a new 60,000 sq. ft. facility for Diversified Yacht Services (DYS) in Ft. Myers, Florida. Diversified Yacht offers comprehensive services for luxury yachts of all sizes. Services range from mechanical, plumbing and electrical, to refinishing and detailing.

The project included two buildings — a state-of-the-art marina and a service center. Also included was a fully enclosed paint booth, large enough to service boats up to 68’ for complete paint and refinishing.

GFS worked with Diversified Yacht in engineering, manufacturing and installing the immense paint booth, as well as other finishing equipment.

The GFS equipment supplied includes:

Since the products DYS works on are luxury items, it is important for their facilities to match that with a luxurious look as well. All of the GFS equipment that DYS purchased was pre-coated white for a brighter, cleaner appearance. A massive, sparkling white paint booth is not only impressive, but also functional. The paint booths are state-of-the-art finishing environments that provide a safe, clean environment for creating the perfect finish on each yacht.

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