GFS People: Meet the Fan & Duct Team

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) is a family-owned and operated company, focused on our family of exceptional employees. With this “people-first” approach, our employees have every chance to flourish and make their mark. Each month, we spotlight a different department within the company, from our manufacturing floor to our office buildings.

This month, our spotlight turns to the fan and duct manufacturing department. With more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space and state-of-the-art equipment, GFS has the capability and talent to build our equipment from scratch in our Osseo, Wisconsin, facility. Virtually every part of our product line is built in-house — including the fans and ducts. Let’s learn a little more about the team that builds these components at GFS:

Department Name: Fan & Duct

Number of employees: 18

Who they are: This is a very versatile group with many areas of expertise, including machine operators, welders and assemblers.

  • Machine operators are responsible for operating the press brake, plasma, saw and shears, in addition to interpreting blueprints, bend allowances and metal forming conformances.
  • Welders are responsible for welding components onto structural assemblies, as specified by the blueprint and shear list, as well as positioning the weld-ons and beam pads.
  • Assemblers assist in the assembly and packing of a variety of GFS components for Air Make-Up Units (AMUs), ovens and washers, including ductwork and gas trains.

What they are known for: The fan and duct department supplies critical components for GFS paint booths, including ducting, fans and AMUs. The team manufactures quality galvanized steel ductwork in a variety of configurations, as well as paint booth fans that offer a reliable and cost-effective way to move air and clean out impurities in a spray booth. It also supplies GFS’ direct gas-fired AMUs to provide an economical source of replacement air in a paint booth. GFS AMUs are furnished with a heater, filters, motor and blower, controls, mounting hardware and auxiliary equipment.

How they make a difference: The fan and duct department builds components for customers across all business units, including aerospace, automotive refinish and industrial. Some of their manufactured components could be housed in a small Bench Booth, while others are found in a large aircraft paint booth for F-22 Raptors.

GFS Team Member: Meet Al Swett

Al started at GFS in 2003 and has worked his way up to Welder III & Assembly. He enjoys the teamwork dynamic of his department and seeing the final results of the products in which his team plays a big role. Always looking forward to the next challenge (and company party), Al works closely with design to help solve issues that arise during production. Although no longer a committee member, he also makes sure safety is a priority for him and his team. In his time away from work, Al likes to camp, canoe, golf and coach basketball.

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