How to Apply Peelable Paint Booth Protection

It is no secret that the presence of overspray and contamination in spray booths can create fire hazards, increase rework, and reduce visibility and brightness. Peelable protective coatings like Booth Shield® from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) provide superior protection and can be applied and removed easily.

When applying peelable paint booth protection, follow these steps to effectively manage overspray and keep your booth working — and looking — in peak condition:

1. Peel Away Old Booth Coatings

Peel Away Old Paint Booth Protective Coatings

Before applying peelable booth coatings, it is important to start with a clean slate. If protective coatings were previously applied to the walls or floors of your spray booth, peel off the dirty coating and roll the dry waste into a tight ball for disposal. If paper booth protection was used, remove and dispose of it. If the spray booth walls have overspray and contamination, remove it with a non-ferrous, non-sparking scraper and elbow grease. Dirty intake and exhaust filters should also be removed at this time.

2. Sweep & Vacuum Any Residue

Sweep & Vacuum Any Residue from Your Paint Booth

After removing all of the old coating, vacuum or sweep up dust and dirt. Inspect the spray booth walls and floor for coatings that were not completely removed or rough surfaces caused by scratches or rust. These areas must be thoroughly cleaned and primed with a prep product, such as Booth Shield Wall Prep or Floor Prep.

3. Cover Cure Towers, Signage & Sprinklers

Cover Cure Towers, Signage & Sprinklers in Your Paint Booth

To ensure that accelerated curing systems, such as AdvanceCure, do not become coated with the peelable booth coatings, cover the nozzles or Blades with tape. Any signage in the paint booth should also be protected. Cover sprinklers with paper bags during the spray process.

4. Apply New Coat to the Spray Booth’s Walls & Doors

Booth Shield peelable booth coatings can be applied using conventional or airless spray. Apply one coat horizontally and then add a second coat vertically over the top. This eliminates sagging and ensures the coating can be peeled off when it needs to be removed. You can spray right over wall lights, doors and windows.

Apply New Coat to the Spray Booth’s Walls & Doors

Although clear strippable coatings are available, white peelable coatings are recommended for peak brightness and visibility. Booth Shield Peelable White strippable coatings are available in both water or solvent-based formulas and in a variety of volumes to meet your coverage needs.

After application, leave the booth running and allow the wall coating to dry for approximately four hours.

5. Remove the Coating from Lights & Windows

After the coating dries, score around the lights and windows with a razor blade and peel off the section of the coating that covers the lights and windows. Then, apply two coats of a translucent coating, such as Booth Shield Peelable Translucent, over the lights and windows to provide cohesive protection without inhibiting visibility.

6. Prep & Coat the Paint Booth Floor

Prep & Coat the Paint Spray Booth Floor

Because concrete is porous, it must be sealed with a floor prep product such as Booth Shield Floor Prep. Apply the floor prep coat and allow it to dry. Then apply one uniform coat of the peelable floor coating. Booth Shield’s strippable floor coating dries and is ready for normal booth traffic in one hour.

7. Replace Paint Booth Filters

Install new paint booth filters to ensure the effective capture of overspray and dust, keeping your booth bright, white and clean longer.

Replace Paint Booth Filters

Booth Shield peelable coatings will allow you to spray in your bright, clean booth for as many as 700 booth cycles. When it comes time to replace the coatings, you will be surprised how much easier it is than removing traditional booth paper. After the edges are scored, Booth Shield coatings quickly peel off, saving time for technicians and increasing throughput.

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