GFS Control Panels

All control panels are UL 508 & CUL listed. Standard control panels are prewired featuring single point connection for quick and easy wiring with NEMA rate enclosure.



Prewired, standard control panels feature single-point connection for quick and easy wiring. Standard control panels are in a NEMA rate enclosure.

Standard control panel


Deluxe control panels are designed for special applications, such as booths with air make-up units, multiple booth operations or booths with automatic air balancing systems.

Each deluxe control panel is designed for a single-point wiring connection, and include a terminal strip for field wiring. All wires are numbered for easy wire identification. All components are labeled to match electrical schematic.

Deluxe Control Panel


A PLC-based, UL-listed control system with an intuitive, simplistic touch screen, the INSIGHT control panel allows you to continually monitor all systems for safety and function. Pop-up displays indicate running information and faults.

insight control panel

ENGAGE® Control Panel

The Engage control panel features a simplified, easy-to-use interface with enhancements such as improved temperature and pressure control and alarm tracking for better, more reliable booth performance.

Engage control panel

LOGIC 3 Control Panel

Designed with everything you need to control your booth. The LOGIC 3 comes standard with controls for optional AdvanceCure®, Smart Flash, SmartCure® and can be upgraded to include filter monitoring and Economy Mode with the purchase of an intake VFD. This panel is easy to use with a clear 6” monochrome interface that provides all the information you need. The Logic 3 is an impressive yet simple control system for your booth.

Logic 3 control panel

LOGIC 4 Control Panel

The fully-loaded LOGIC 4 control panel provides complete control over your booth, and the ability to easily switch from a waterborne user interface to a solvent base interface. At the touch of a button, you have controls for AdvanceCure®, SmartCure® and Smart Flash. The panel even comes with Economy Mode, and Filter Monitoring function, saving you time and money. The LOGIC 4 boasts a 10” color user interface providing ease of use, displaying more information on each screen so that users can operate the booth quickly and more efficiently.

Logic 4 control panel

Air Balancing

The following air balancing packages can be purchased with new booths or for existing booths already in use. The packages can be purchased alone or in tandem, for additional energy savings.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

VFDs automatically adjust fan motor speeds based on actual airflow conditions, and maintain an air balance within the paint booth, preventing paint fumes from escaping and dust from entering. VFDs also provide optimum air pressure, consistent exhaust and consistent temperature.


  • Decreases energy cost
  • Improves process control
  • Increases transfer efficiency
  • Controls and directs overspray into filtration systems
  • Controls and exhausts VOCs from the workplace
  • Extends dry filter usage up to 50 percent
  • Provides a cleaner system and paint finishes
Variable frequency drives
Power Saver logo

Power Saver

For Non-Pressurized Spray Booths

Power Saver is a control panel upgrade that allows the painter to slow the exhaust fan to half speed when not painting. Included is a variable frequency drive (VFD), which controls the fan motor, and a gun hanger switch. When the painter hangs the spray gun on the hook, the VFD will slow the fan to half speed. When the paint gun is taken off the hook, the fan returns to full speed.

Energy is conserved in two ways:

  • Fan motor uses less electricity
  • Booth exhausts less heated air during the cold months

The Power Saver upgrade reduces airflow by 50 percent during energy saving mode.

Note: In cases where an air make-up unit accompanies a non-pressurized spray booth, Power Saver will only control the spray booth.

Consta Flow logo


For Non-Pressurized Spray Booths

The Consta-Flow System is designed to automatically adjust the exhaust fan to the changing conditions of the exhaust filters. GFS recommends Consta-Flow for all paint booths with conveyor opening and booths with multiple filter stages that have high static pressure when loading.

Consta-Flow consists of a VFD, differential pressure gauge and sensing probes. The system monitors static pressure and adjusts the exhaust fan’s RPMs to what is needed for the volume of exhaust air, based on how loaded the filters are. The result is a booth with constant airflow as filters load up with painting, increasing filter life.

Economizer logo


For Pressurized Spray Booths

Economizer is a control panel upgrade for booths that have air make-up units directly pressurizing the booth. The upgrade includes an Auto Balance System, VFD and gun hanger switch. The VFD automatically adjusts the airflow of the exhaust fan(s) to ensure proper booth balance.

The gun hanger switch, located inside the paint booth, controls the booth function from paint mode to energy saving mode. When the paint gun is hanging on the hook, the booth airflow slows to half speed. When the paint gun is removed from the hook, airflow resumes to full speed.

The Economizer reduces airflow by 50 percent during energy saving mode.

Economizer can only be used on new or existing booths with variable air volume air make-up units. A control panel purchased with Economizer will also automatically receive an Auto Balance System, which keeps the booth balanced regardless of filter loading.

Auto Balance logo

Auto Balance

For Pressurized Spray Booths

Recommended for all pressurized booths, Auto Balance is designed to keep the paint booth balanced while in operation. The system consists of a VFD, differential pressure gauge and sensing probes.

The Auto Balance System monitors the interior booth pressure and adjusts the exhaust fan RPMs to what is needed for the volume of exhaust air, based on what the incoming intake air is. The result is a booth that is balanced automatically and stays in balance as the filters load up with paint overspray. The system increases useful filter life, provides a constant airflow throughout the booth, and allows you to easily control the booth pressure.

Let us know your product requirements, and we will put you in touch with a distributor in your area.


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