Electrical Products

Explosion-Proof Start/Stop

An explosion-proof start/stop is to be used with motor starters. It’s a heavy-duty, front-operated button that can be mounted directly onto a paint booth.

Part No.
Electrical Component

General Purpose Start/Stop

A general purpose start/stop is to be used with motor starters. NEMA Type 1, with NO-NC contacts, it must be mounted in a non-hazardous location.

Part No.
Start stop switch

Pneumatic Start/Stop

A pneumatic start/stop activates a pneumatic-electric interface, turning an exhaust fan on and off. A non-sparking pneumatic switch is located inside a paint booth, allowing the operator to enter and leave the booth with the exhaust fan turned off and preventing dirty, unfiltered air from entering the paint area.

Part No.
Pressure switch

Explosion-Proof Light Switch

An explosion-proof light switch is to be used with lights in hazardous locations. With a front-operated on/off switch, it is capable of handling a 1400W-AC power supply.

Part No.

General Purpose Light Switch

A general purpose light switch is to be used with lights in non-hazardous locations. With an on/off switch, it is capable of handling a 1400W-AC power supply.

Part No.
Light Switch

Explosion-Proof Limit Switch

An explosion-proof limit switch is an electronically operated switch that shuts down painting operations when a paint booth’s doors are opened, designed for environments in which there’s a risk of explosion or fire from sparks. The explosion-proof limit switch is Class I, Division 1 listed.

Part No.
Electrical Component

Standard Limit Switch

A standard limit switch is an electronically operated switch that shuts down painting operations when a paint booth’s doors are opened, designed for general use applications. The standard limit switch is Class I, Division 2 listed.

Part No.
Electrical Component

Air Proving Switch

An air proving switch is an automatic pressure switch that measures air pressure at the exhaust chamber. It is recommended for use with a safety air valve.

Part No.
Electrical Component

Safety Air Valve

A three-port, two-position safety air valve prevents spraying with air assist systems when booth exhaust is off. Compressed air between the valve and spray equipment is vented out when the exhaust is shut off. It features a 120-volt coil.

Part No.Description
242-1243/4″ Port
242-0191/2″ Port
Electrical component

Spray Gun interlock

The spray gun interlock controls the paint booth function from paint mode to energy-saving mode, based on airflow from the spray gun.

Part No.

Safety ShutDown

Simplify your test panel process with a safety shutdown. Simply attach paper or metal test panels, then hold and spray. For flash and dry times or everyday storage, place the Test Panel Holder™ on the wall of a paint booth — or other sheet metal surface — by its magnets.

Part No.Description
600-003Standard System
600-004Standard System with Audible Alarm
600-005Explosion-Proof System
Pressure switch

Gun Hanger

There is an automatic start-up of ventilation when a spray gun is lifted from a gun hanger. When the spray gun is returned to the gun hanger, the exhaust system purges and shuts down. The gun hanger is explosion-proof, and is Class I, Division 2 listed.

Part No.
Electrical componets

Manometer/Draft Gauge

A manometer measures static pressure resistance, indicating when exhaust filters are sufficiently loaded and need replacement. Manometers are included with all GFS exhaust chambers and paint booths.

Part No.

Magnehelic Gage

A Magnehelic gage indicates when the cabin of a paint booth is balanced and ready for spraying. The gauge must be calibrated prior to use.

Part No.
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