Ultra® Paint Booths

GFS’ premium Ultra Paint Booths provide the highest quality solution for painting automotive vehicles and parts.


With exceptional lighting, intuitive controls, premium contamination control and effective overspray capture, high-performance Ultra Paint Booths from Global Finishing Solutions allow for flawless paint finishes and increased productivity.

Pre-engineered Ultra Paint Booth models and standard options are fully ETL and ETL-C listed, ensuring that the entire booth complies with applicable safety codes and meets performance requirements. ETL listing facilitates successful inspections and demonstrates that Ultra Booths have completed independent, third-party review.

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Ultra Paint Booths are expertly designed and engineered for superior performance and longevity. The Ultra Booth line offers many pre-engineered models and standard options that deliver consistent, quality results and feature shorter lead times.


Ultra XS

Ultra XS Paint Booth

The Ultra XS spray booth delivers the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from GFS’ Ultra Paint Booths in a durable, single-skin design. Available with downdraft or semi-downdraft airflow, several heater and control options, and multiple size configurations, Ultra XS provides flexibility and efficiency to suit any body shop.
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Ultra XP1 Paint Booth

GFS’ top-of-the-line automotive spray booth, the Ultra XP1 exceeds the automotive industry’s standards for a premium paint booth. Incorporated into this booth is virtually every feature that sets GFS booths apart from the rest.
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Ultra XL Paint Booth

With a 12-foot-high ceiling designed for painting Sprinter vans, commercial vehicles and full-size pickup trucks, Ultra XL brings the performance you expect from the Ultra Paint Booth line to an extended range of vehicle sizes and heights.
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Ultra XD

Ultra XD Paint Booth

The Ultra XD spray booth leads the industry in versatility and performance. With a choice of high-efficiency heat systems, intuitive control panels, and downdraft or semi-downdraft airflow — along with superior lighting and contamination control — the Ultra XD will exceed your expectations.
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Ultra XR Paint Booth

The Ultra XR Paint Booth is a premium downdraft spray booth that is integrated seamlessly with the REVO Speed — creating a top-of-the-line spraying and curing environment.
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Since 1999, Global Finishing Solutions’ proven and sought-after Ultra Paint Booth line has been providing body shops and collision centers with high-performance finishing environments for painting automotive vehicles and parts. GFS continually improves its products and components, guaranteeing quality and consistent results throughout the Ultra line.

Industry-leading controls

Premium lighting

Excellent airflow

Advanced contamination control

Ecologically friendly environment

premium controlled airflow ceiling

Exclusive to GFS, the Controlled Airflow Ceiling’s patented design maximizes the effectiveness of downdraft Ultra Paint Booths and increases the booth’s overall spray zone with a full-width ceiling plenum. The main airflow zone in the Controlled Airflow Ceiling creates a protective envelope of air around the vehicle, while secondary airflow zones protect booth walls from overspray and keep contaminants out of paint jobs. Between these zones is a row of color-corrected, angled ceiling light fixtures, located directly above the vehicle for optimal illumination.


GFS patented controlled airflow ceiling



Generally accepted as the best airflow style, downdraft booths do an excellent job of controlling overspray and contamination. Air enters downdraft Ultra Paint Booths through GFS’ patented Controlled Airflow Ceiling, a full-width filtered ceiling plenum. From there, air flows vertically over the vehicle and into the filtered exhaust pit in the floor.


The semi-downdraft booth is a hybrid, combining features of both crossdraft and downdraft booths. Air is introduced into semi-downdraft Ultra Booths through the High-Performance Airflow Ceiling in the first 25-30 percent of the booth. It’s then pulled through the working chamber, over the vehicle and into the filtered exhaust chamber at the booth rear.

Customer Stories & Case Studies

Olson Body Shop

Problem Solved – Tire & Auto Service Expands With New Body Shop

For their new body shop, Olson Tire & Auto Service added a custom Side-Load Finishing System from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), complete with an Ultra XD Paint Booth, dual-bay Ultra XD CTOF, Aluminum Repair Station and Ultra XD Paint Mix Room. GFS and Chassis Liner Supply collaborated to provide a product with the performance that the customer expected.

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Greg’s Speed Shop Changes the Restoration Industry One Memory at a Time

When Greg Stelse visited the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan with his wife and business partner, Leah, he left knowing what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. An experienced truck driver and successful business owner, he had to break the news to Leah that he wanted to sell their multi-million dollar company and open up shop to focus on the “average guy.”

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“With our GFS automotive paint booths, we produce much cleaner paint jobs and have definitely increased our efficiency.”

In 2002, Scott Griffin opened the doors at Griffin Automotive Design, a family-owned and operated restoration facility. 16 years later, Griffin introduced two new GFS automotive paint booths, as part of the opening of a new state-of-the-art facility. The new facility and equipment is part of Griffin’s commitment to providing the best possible service to all of their restoration and collision repair customers.

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Ultra CTOF Booths

Versatile, end-to-end finishing environments, Ultra Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booths from GFS allow for vehicles to be filled, primed, sealed, painted and cured in one location. Pre-engineered Ultra CTOF Booth models and standard options are fully ETL and ETL-C listed, ensuring that the entire booth complies with applicable safety codes and meets performance requirements. ETL listing facilitates successful inspections and demonstrates that Ultra CTOF Booths have completed independent, third-party review.

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