Blast Booth

Rail Industry spray booth
Posted on August 22, 2012

Problem Solved — New Industrial Paint Facility for Turner Coatings

Turner Coating’s brand new industrial finishing facility was a big investment, and choosing the right equipment to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency was a big decision. They knew that by making such a large investment in a technically complex facility it was crucial to ensure that they looked closely at every detail, no matter how […]

Posted on January 09, 2011

Problem Solved – Mining Equipment Manufacturer Expands and Modernizes Facility with GFS Booths

In 2009, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) helped to complete the expansion and modernization of a mining equipment manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The expansion project was spread over a three-year period. In the new facility, they added a 75-foot-long spray booth, a 75-foot-long GFS blast booth, another 65-foot-long GFS spray booth in a modernized assembly […]