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GFS Paint Booth Protection - Booth Shield on Wall and PIG Grippy Mat on floors

Booth Protection

Superior Protection for a Safer Spraying Environment Whether you want to protect your paint booth’s walls, windows, lights or floors, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) offers

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PIG Grippy Mat for all GFS Paint Booths and Finishing Equipment

PIG® Grippy Mat

PIG® Grippy Mat Protective Paint Booth Floor Covering Description A unique, adhesive floor covering for paint booths, the PIG® Grippy Mat from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS)

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9 Products for Your Paint Booth That Optimize Safety and Performance

Keeping your paint booth clean and protected — from the walls to the floors — has a significant impact on your ability to produce high-quality paint jobs, maximize productivity and keep your employees and investment safe. With the help of Global Finishing Solutions’ senior technical advisor, Jason Garfoot, we have identified nine products that can lead to clean, high-quality paint jobs while also keeping your shop(s), paint booth(s) and painter(s) safe.

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