Painting in a Drive-Thru Heavy-Duty Truck Paint Booth
Posted on June 14, 2019

Problem Solved — Heavy-Duty Truck Paint Booth Provides Limitless Opportunities to Rural Business

In June 2014, Maxville Truck and Repair started up their new 18-by-16-by-50-foot drive-thru crossdraft Heavy-Duty Truck Paint Booth for the first time. With sandblasting and painting services in-house, there is not much they cannot do. Since the addition of their truck paint booth, they have noticed the ability to rapidly turn trucks over.

industrial powder coating booth
Posted on March 03, 2011

Problem Solved – Developing a Better System for Powder Coating Truck Bodies

Powder Coating Equipment for Deist Industries Steve Eva, of EVCO Industrial, was contacted by Dale Deist, President of Deist Industries, to evaluate their finishing equipment needs. Deist Industries required a unique powder coating system for their new “Switch and Go” Detachable Truck Body System and their “Ameri-Deck” Hydraulic Loading System. “Our customers were demanding a […]