BATCH burn-off wash Booth

For Secondary Cleanup of Burned Off Racks, Hooks, Fixtures and Parts

Batch burn off washer

BATCH burn-off wash Booth

An excellent companion to Batch Burn-Off Ovens, Batch Burn-Off Wash Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) are designed for secondary cleanup of burned-off racks, hooks, fixtures and parts. Overhead and corner nozzles spray water on the part, flushing the loose paint ash from the surface.

How it Works

A high-volume pump draws ambient water from the side reservoir tank. Water is sprayed through nozzles located overhead and in each corner. The loose ash is flushed from the surface and travels to the filtration area where it is collected for manual removal.

Features & Options


Constructed of 10-gauge steel and heavy structural steel support
Overhead roll-up door
Heavy-duty structural steel cart with track extension
Header and spray nozzle system
Manual rinse station with wand and hose for detailing of parts
Polypropylene roof panels for greater visibility inside of booth
Reservoir tank
Media filter baskets with handles for easy removal of ash
Low-solution level switch to prevent pump cavitation


Auxiliary manual power washer (2 gpm at 1000 psi)
Overhead hoist (electric, 2000 lbs.)
Additional roll-up door
Customized cart

Code Compliance

GFS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in. One of our engineers currently serves on the NFPA Technical Committee on Finishing Processes, a key standard in the finishing industry.

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