Problem Solved — Powder Coatings of Utah Expands into Liquid Coatings with New GFS Paint Booth

For the past 20 years, Powder Coatings of Utah has provided top-of-the-line powder coating services to large manufacturing companies, primarily within the aviation industry. Recently, the family-owned, Salt Lake City-based business expanded their operation and capabilities, diving into industrial liquid coatings for the first time.

As Powder Coatings of Utah primarily does work for businesses that manufacture airport systems — including jetwalks, jetways and support equipment — which require a 10-year finish warranty, their paint booth selection was paramount in producing flawless finishes. Reaching out to their trusted partner, Chris Schwab of Finishing Consultants, Powder Coatings of Utah was determined to find a quality paint booth manufacturer.

After six months of research and careful consideration, Mark Parker, general manager of Powder Coatings of Utah, and Alex Parker, liquid finishing manager, chose a 40-foot-long Large Equipment Paint Booth and Paint Mix Room from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS).

“GFS was able to engineer the booth with a conveyor for faster production rates,” said Alex. “The bifold doors on both ends enable us to fit large objects in the booth and use the entire space.”

For a company that is a warranty center for many large manufacturers around the globe, Powder Coatings of Utah needed a quality system that provides customers the finish they come to expect.

“The quality of the paint booth and the materials that GFS uses creates a design that I know will last a long time,” said Mark. “The service made it a really easy decision.”

Along with the Large Equipment Paint Booth, Powder Coatings of Utah also purchased an attached industrial Air Make-Up Unit (AMU), which makes it possible to quickly replace the booth’s air and maintain a consistent temperature.

“Because of the size of this booth, the AMU gives us a huge advantage over anyone in Northern Utah,” Mark mentioned. “We can turn parts a lot faster with that capability, which makes our customers very happy.”

As for the performance of the new booth, Powder Coatings of Utah could not be happier.

“The booth is excellent,” Alex stated. “I have painted in a fair number of booths, and I’ve always liked GFS booths — the airflow is so much better. Not only does that make it easier for the painter, because they’re not painting in a cloud, but it also leaves you with a better finish, because you don’t have as much overspray. The booth traps excess paint extremely efficiently. There are four exhaust plenums instead of two, so your motors can run and balance them out. If the filters on one side are getting dirty, you still have a symmetric draft and laminar airflow.”

Thanks to the success of their expansion into liquid coatings, Powder Coatings of Utah is now looking forward to their next opportunity, which could include painting aluminum extrusions and building facades in the architecture market.

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