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From small, bench-style paint booths to multi-stage automated finishing systems, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) offers an incredibly diverse selection of industrial and manufacturing products for businesses of all types and sizes. GFS has a wide range of industrial videos and educational downloads — all the resources you need to help keep your operation firing on all cylinders.


Equipment Installation & Project Management

Climate & Humidity Control

Paint Mix Rooms & Hazardous Material Storage Buildings

Integrating RollSeal® Doors Into Your Finishing Operation

Energy-Saving Solutions for Paint Booths

Paint Booth Lighting: How to Brighten Your Shop

Recirculating Paint Booths

Paint Booth Filters

Paint Booth Safety

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The Great Outdoors by GFS

The Great Outdoors: Why Outdoor Paint Booths May be the Best Solution for Finishing Construction Vehicles

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. What potential logistical problems can arise when trying to squeeze an oversized paint booth indoors
  2. Factors influencing whether businesses manufacturing or refinishing construction vehicles should install a paint booth inside a new building or build a freestanding outdoor booth
  3. What features of outdoor paint booths are big perks when they are custom built to meet your business’ unique needs
  4. How a heated paint booth makes operations much more efficient
  5. Painting techniques to increase efficiency when using personnel lifts

Picky Over Powder: 5 Essential Considerations for Maximizing Your Powder Coating Investment

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. What type of powder coating booth is best for your batch operation, based on your business’ production expectations
  2. How a powder collection mechanism can help avoid wasted powder, make color changes easier and save on labor
  3. How the engineering of an oven can affect the quality of the cure of powder-coated parts, particularly with regard to temperature uniformity
  4. Why a dedicated powder storage area is needed for more efficient color changes, contamination control and temperature and humidity control
  5. What technological upgrades can make your powder coating operation more efficient
Clean Bill of Health - Maintaining and cleaning paint booths by GFS

Clean Bill of Health: Maintenance Methods to Keep Your Paint Booth in Top Shape

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How frequently you should change your paint booth’s exhaust filters
  2. What booth protection products can keep your booth clean, bright and running efficiently and smoothly
  3. When the ideal times are to activate summer and winter mode on your paint booth’s air make-up unit (AMU)
  4. What regular maintenance is included in preventative maintenance and service programs offered by your booth manufacturer or local distributor
  5. What daily cleaning should be performed in your paint booth

What’s Best for Woodworkers: Investing in the Right Type of Paint Booth to Maximize Efficiency

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of open face paint booths and enclosed paint booths for woodworking operations
  2. Why prepping woodworking products in a dust collection booth or sanding booth helps ensure effective contamination control
  3. What impact a paint booth’s airflow style has on the quality of the paint finish in woodworking paint booths
  4. Considerations for selecting the size of a woodworking paint booth
  5. Why enclosed paint booths are costlier than open face paint booths
Custom Paint Booths by Global Finishing Solutions

Customized for Comfort: How a Custom Paint Booth Can Maximize Your Capital Investment

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How customizing a paint booth allows your business to get the exact booth that you want to meet your specific requirements
  2. Why the engineering upfront and support after the sale are often differentiating factors among paint booth manufacturers
  3. The importance of investing in a manufacturer that has the capacity to custom design, engineer, manufacture and build equipment for your operation’s needs
  4. How your booth manufacturer and a local distributor can help ensure your equipment is code compliant
  5. Why dedicated project managers are essential on large custom jobs or jobs with multi-phased equipment installations

What Wood You Do for a Better Finish?

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How the proper finishing equipment enables woodworkers to focus more on quality and less on meeting stringent production schedules
  2. Ways in which dedicated areas for prepping, painting and curing helps woodworkers create efficiency in their operation to the point where they can have a dedicated painter who is painting all day
  3. How the addition of a dust collection booth allows wood finishers to increase production and save on material costs by cutting rework
  4. Why enclosed paint booths that are pressurized provide the most stable, dependable environment for woodworkers, with balanced airflow making it easier to spray multiple colors in one cycle and giving woodworkers the ability to bundle products from different jobs
  5. How contamination in paint jobs is reduced and throughput is increased by moving products to dry in a controlled environment, instead of on the shop floor
Best Practices For Painting Oversized Vehicles In Heavy-duty Paint Booths by GFS

Banking on Bigger Profits: Best Practices for Painting Oversized Vehicles in Heavy-Duty Paint Booths

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How to determine what size of heavy-duty truck paint booth makes the most sense for your shop
  2. What airflow style works best for your finishing process when repairing heavy-duty trucks and other large equipment
  3. Best practices for painting in a heavy-duty truck paint booth
  4. How to maintain cleanliness and make your heavy-duty truck paint booth investment last for the long haul
  5. What to look for in a paint booth manufacturer when purchasing a heavy-duty truck paint booth
Selecting The Right Airflow Style For Your Industrial Large Equipment Paint Booth by GFS

Finding Your Flow: How to Select the Right Airflow Style for Your Industrial Large Equipment Paint Booth

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How laminar airflow in a paint booth can help produce high-quality finishes and reduce rework
  2. The negative effects of an unbalanced paint booth on filters and the exhaust fan
  3. How the three primary airflow styles for industrial large equipment paint booths impact contamination control
  4. Key questions to answer before investing in capital equipment
  5. What to consider when deciding whether to purchase a crossdraft booth or spring for a side downdraft or downdraft booth
Choosing the Right Paint Booth by GFS

Choosing the Right Paint Booth: What You Need to Know to Make the Best Investment

In this FREE workbook, you will learn:

  1. What to look for in a paint booth supplier
  2. How to determine the best size for your paint booth
  3. Why the space around the exterior of your paint booth is important
  4. How the airflow style of your paint booth affects finish quality and contamination control, as well as capital costs and operational expenses
  5. What you need to know about code compliance
What To Consider When Purchasing A Paint Booth For Boats & Yachts by GFS

What to Consider When Purchasing a Paint Booth for Boats & Yachts

In this FREE workbook, we will walk you through what aspects of your business can impact your paint booth needs and affect your purchase, including:

  • Productivity needs
  • Coating and quality requirements
  • Boat size
  • Facility design
  • Service and support

Shop Layouts Handcrafted for Woodworkers: Boost Production & Increase Finish Quality with 3 Low-Temperature Oven Setups

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How low-temperature industrial ovens can increase productivity, providing a boost to your business’ bottom line
  2. Ways that low-temperature ovens reduce contamination for high-quality paint finishes
  3. How to easily integrate a low-temperature oven into your shop
  4. What curing times you can expect with a low-temperature industrial oven
  5. Which different setups exist for low-temperature ovens

Best Practices for Industrial Paint Storage

This FREE guide to storing paint in industrial applications will cover:

  • Storage conditions for each type of coating
  • Safety considerations for hazardous materials
  • How to increase paint productivity
  • How to achieve code compliance
  • Benefits of using a Hazardous Material Storage Building

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No Blast From The Past - Industrial Blast Booths by GFS

No Blast From the Past: What You Need to Best Position Your Industrial Blasting Operation for the Future

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. What surface preparation requirements exist for liquid painting and powder coating
  2. The most commonly used blasting methods and the benefits of each
  3. How to determine which shot media is best for your application
  4. The differences between blast booths, blast cabinets and blast pots, and which is most practical for your abrasive blasting operation
  5. How the proper dust collection equipment can promote cleaner paint jobs and protect your employees from breathing in unhealthy air
Surface Preparation Basics by GFS

Surface Preparation Basics: The Importance of Pretreatment for Quality Paint & Powder Finishes

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. The most commonly used pretreatment methods, along with recommended equipment for each
  2. Why cleaning products with a pretreatment washer is more efficient and cost-effective than manually washing parts
  3. Differences between sandblasting and shotblasting in removing rust, paint or scale from a surface prior to coating so that the coating adheres properly
  4. The four standards of blasting specified by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC)
  5. Why the right equipment when sanding or grinding prevents dust from overtaking your shop 

Farming Out Profit: How Agricultural Manufacturers are Plowing the Competition with Powder Coated Components

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. Why powder coating has supplanted liquid paint as the preferred coating among manufacturers of specialty agricultural equipment components
  2. How to correctly size a powder coating booth for finishing agricultural parts
  1. Why efficient workflow centered around an oven is critical to prevent bottlenecks in a powder line
  1. How in-house powder coating leads to better quality control, faster turnaround times and significant cost savings from not outsourcing
  1. The advantages of having a local distributor to aid in your business’ growth planning
5 Powder Coating Technologies To Save Time & Increase Profit by GFS

5 Powder Coating Technologies to Save Time & Increase Profit

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How you can reclaim wasted powder by incorporating fluidized beds or drawers into your powder booth, saving your business a lot of money and reducing time spent removing wasted powder
  2. Why pulse control technology is beneficial for providing more consistent airflow and better visibility in your powder booth, in addition to keeping filters from excessively loading
  3. How a manual VFD makes controlling airflow in your powder booth easier, helping reduce wasted powder and protecting your employees

The Ultimate Guide to Bringing Powder Coating In-House

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How to control quality and improve turnaround time
  2. Which costs are cut in order to increase profitability
  3. Benefits of positioning your powder coating operation for success
  4. How having the right equipment can make all the difference
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