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An expert in the automotive industry, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) manufactures an extensive line of high-performance paint booths, prep environments, mix rooms and curing technology for body shops and collision repair centers. GFS has a wide range of automotive refinish videos and educational downloads — all the resources you need to help keep your operation firing on all cylinders.


REVO Handheld Training Guide

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Automotive Refinish Accessories

Integrating RollSeal® Doors Into Your Finishing Operation

How to Apply Booth Shield® Peelable Paint Booth Protection

How to Install PIG® Grippy Mat Protective Floor Covering

Paint Booth Filters

Choosing the Right REVO Systems Unit for Your Shop

How to Use the Engage® Control Panel

Paint Booth Lighting: How to Brighten Your Shop

Energy-Saving Solutions for Paint Booths

Paint Booth Safety

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Free Guide - Driven By Data from GFS

How Body Shops Can Use Paint Booth Data for an Analytical Approach to Repairs

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How real-time paint booth data can help shops increase productivity, improve paint booth uptime and make beneficial corrections in their operations 

  2. Ways shops can maximize the filter performance of their paint booths and avoid finish quality issues with a booth monitoring system 

  3. What paint booth data allows MSOs to more easily identify high- and low-performing booths 

  4. How MSOs can use paint booth data to gauge how their shops stack up against each other and to determine the efficiency of individual technicians 

  5. What paint booth data is needed for shops to be able to charge insurance companies for the consumables and power usage of their booths
How Car Dealerships Can Profit From Quick Lanes & Revo Systems by GFS

How Car Dealerships Can Profit From Quick Lanes & REVO Accelerated Curing Systems

In this FREE guide, you will learn:
  1. How quick lanes allow repair and painting to be performed in the same bay of a paint booth without needing to move the vehicle, which helps prevent backlogs
  2. Ways to shorten repair cycle time and significantly reduce rework with short wave electric infrared (IR) curing technology
  3. Why the combination of a Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booth and accelerated curing is more cost effective than purchasing two additional booths or a prep deck with heat
How To Speed Up Your Operation With Infrared Drying Technology by GFS

How to Speed Up Your Operation with Infrared Drying Technology

In this FREE guide, you will learn:
  • How electric IR technology works
  • How to improve throughput and finish quality in your prep area
  • Body filler secrets
  • Better priming practices
Sliding to Efficiency by GFS

Sliding to Efficiency: How Side-Load Systems are Helping Body Shops Increase Throughput & Maximize Profit

In this FREE guide, you will learn:
  1. How vehicles that do not start can still be moved into a paint booth with a Side-Load System
  2. What components of a station-by-station, systematic approach to collision repair maximize the efficiency of a Side-Load System
  3. How Side-Load Systems help shops streamline operations and avoid bottlenecks in their workflow
  4. What type of repairs are best suited for Side-Load Systems featuring quick lanes
  5. How much additional gross profit your shop can generate by processing one more vehicle per day
Stretching to Fit the Sprinter by GFS

Stretching to Fit the Sprinter: Why an Extended Height Paint Booth is Needed to Repair the Increasingly Popular Vans

In this FREE guide, you will learn:
  1. How extended height paint booths give technicians more flexibility in accessing hard-to-reach areas on vehicles
  2. Why Sprinter and Transit vans cannot be repaired in standard height paint booths
  3. Which airflow style is best for extended height booths
  4. How technology allows shops to be more efficient and productive, while expanding their service opportunities
  5. What impact the Rivian electric delivery vans used by Amazon are having on the collision repair market
Clean Bill of Health - Maintaining and cleaning paint booths by GFS

Clean Bill of Health: Maintenance Methods to Keep Your Paint Booth in Top Shape

In this FREE guide, you will learn:
  1. How frequently you should change your paint booth’s exhaust filters
  2. What booth protection products can keep your booth clean, bright and running efficiently and smoothly
  3. When the ideal times are to activate summer and winter mode on your paint booth’s air make-up unit (AMU)
  4. What regular maintenance is included in preventative maintenance and service programs offered by your booth manufacturer or local distributor
  5. What daily cleaning should be performed in your paint booth

The Electric Slide: Safely & Efficiently Stepping into Electric Vehicle Refinishing

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. Why electric vehicles are unable to be cured in a normal paint booth cure cycle
  2. How much money your shop can save by avoiding prolonged electric vehicle repairs
  3. Why car manufacturers have released statements warning against overheating the battery on electric vehicles
  4. How electric vehicles can quickly and safely be cured, without disconnecting the high-voltage system or using an extended low bake cycle or express-style clear coats
  5. How your shop can capitalize on the rollout of Amazon’s Rivian Prime vans and other new fleet customers with Rivian vans
Refinishing Heavy Duty Trucks by GFS

Refinishing Heavy Duty Trucks: How to Achieve Code Compliance & Maximize Your Investment

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. What is needed for paint booths to be code complaint, so your workers are protected and your equipment is not at risk of failure
  2. How installation plans are developed so that important questions are answered before construction begins
  3. Why selecting equipment that best meets production requirements is needed to give your shop’s bottom line a boost
  4. Which airflow style (semi-downdraft or downdraft) is best for your application and how accelerated curing methods can increase throughput
  5. How investing in an effective preventative maintenance program can provide peace of mind that equipment will last for the long haul
Taller Is Better by GFS

Taller Is Better: Boosting Your Shop’s Bottom Line with an Extended Height Paint Booth

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. What market conditions make taller paint booths better for refinishing crossovers, SUVs and trucks
  2. Why extra height in a paint booth is a welcome sight for technicians, enabling them to reduce cycle times for larger repairs
  3. The benefits of GFS’ exclusive Controlled Airflow (CAF) Ceiling on extended height Ultra XL Paint Booths
  4. Whether the addition of a second paint booth is a wise investment for your shop
  5. The impact of electric vehicles, most notably Amazon’s new Rivian Prime vans, on the collision repair market
Customized paint booths from Global Finishing Solutions

Custom Paint Booths: Recognizing Their Value to Maximize Your Investment

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How customizing a paint booth allows your business to get the exact booth that you want to meet your specific requirements
  2. Why the engineering upfront and support after the sale are often differentiating factors among paint booth manufacturers
  3. The importance of investing in a manufacturer that has the capacity to custom design, engineer, manufacture and build equipment for your operation’s needs
  4. How your booth manufacturer and a local distributor can help ensure your equipment is code compliant
  5. Why dedicated project managers are essential on large custom jobs or jobs with multi-phased equipment installations
GFS free download - Bodyshop Floor Layouts

Body Shop Floor Layouts to Maximize Space, Increase Efficiency & Streamline Production

In this FREE guide, you will learn:
  1. Why good planning and modern equipment are key to maximizing efficiency for collision repair shops tight on space
  2. Where equipment and production areas are best positioned, so that vehicles can flow through a shop without causing a bottleneck
  3. How a quick repair lane system can be used for small repairs on one to four panels
  4. How a Side-Load System enables vehicles to be fully masked before being loaded into paint areaseliminating downtime traditionally spent masking cars inside the paint booth
  5. Why a paint mix room that is centrally located between the paint booth and the quick repair lane prep  with doors opened to either side minimizes steps from one to the other
Choosing the Right Paint Booth by GFS

Choosing the Right Paint Booth: What You Need to Know to Make the Best Investment

In this FREE workbook, you will learn:
  1. What to look for in a paint booth supplier
  2. How to determine the best size for your paint booth
  3. Why the space around the exterior of your paint booth is important
  4. How the airflow style of your paint booth affects finish quality and contamination control, as well as capital costs and operational expenses
  5. What you need to know about code compliance
How Shop Specialization Helps Msos Become More Efficient & Profitable by GFS

How Shop Specialization Can Improve Efficiency & Productivity: The Complete Guide for Multi-Shop Operators

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How specializing shops enables MSOs to better avoid slowdowns and prevent the work in progress (WIP) area from becoming too heavy in any one shop
  2. Whether specializing their shops or specializing within each shop is the better route for MSOs
  3. Why quick lanes, Side-Load Systems and accelerated curing are must-haves for MSOs with express locations

The Complete Guide to Selecting a Paint Booth to Improve Quality & Efficiency

In this FREE guide, you will learn how to:

  • Properly evaluate your shop
  • Assess paint booth manufacturers
  • Incorporate the latest technology into your operation
  • Ensure your next paint booth purchase is the right one
Heavy-Duty, Oversized Vehicle refinishing

Banking on Bigger Profits with a Calculated Approach to a Heavy-Duty Truck Paint Booth Investment

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How to determine what size of heavy-duty truck paint booth makes the most sense for your shop
  2. What airflow style works best for your finishing process when repairing heavy-duty trucks and other large equipment
  3. Best practices for painting in a heavy-duty truck paint booth
  4. How to maintain cleanliness and make your heavy-duty truck paint booth investment last for the long haul
  5. What to look for in a paint booth manufacturer when purchasing a heavy-duty truck paint booth
Custom Paint Booths by GFS

Positioning Your Prep Booth for Profit

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. How many additional refinish hours a day are attainable with a high-quality, dedicated prep area in your shop
  2. What code requirements (spraying restrictions) pertain to prep areas
  3. How a dual-bay prep booth can speed cycle times and help prevent vehicles from getting backlogged in the repair process
  4. Why an extended height prep booth is often a wiser investment than an extended height paint booth
  5. What booth protection products are best for reducing contamination in your prep area 
Innovating Your Prep Area With Electric Infrared Technology by GFS

Stepping Up Your Prep: How Electric IR Can Innovate Your Prep Area

In this FREE guide, you will learn:
  1. How electric IR technology works and the advantages of electric IR over gas-powered IR
  2. Ways in which electric IR can trim turnaround times and improve finish quality in your prep area
  3. Body filler secrets centering on the amount of hardener that is applied
  4. Better priming practices to help your shop avoid edge mapping
  5. How electric IR can increase your shop’s throughput and help prevent bottlenecks 
Wheels of Fortune - Powder Coating by GFS

Powder Coated Wheels of Fortune: How Body Shops Can Increase Profit by Powder Coating Damaged Wheels In-House

In this FREE guide, you will learn:

  1. What advantages exist in powder coating wheels, rather than spraying with liquid paint
  2. What new business opportunities are possibilities for body shops that bring powder coating in-house
  3. Why different preparation and different techniques must be learned by body shop technicians who are new to powder coating
  4. How much shops can save on a small batch run of wheels by not outsourcing powder coating
  5. How powder coating equipment is best positioned in a shop’s workflow
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